Posted by: thequaches | November 3, 2008

Birds’ Nests 101 with Leo

September 3, 2008

This is our awesome neighbor Leo (aka Uncle Leo), who is the most creative person I know. (I will post pictures of his home fully decorated for Halloween… Simply amazing!) So, the children were playing outside one day and Morgan happened to mention to Leo, “I want to make a bird’s nest.” Well… Leo couldn’t help but oblige…. (I tell him he needs to stop spoiling them!) He was trimming a few branches from his tree this very day, so of course, the wheels are turning… and well… let me show you what he did with the children a few days later! They were SO excited! (as was I!)

Morgan and Matthew started out a bit goofy…well, that’s my children for ya!
They thought these would make cool hats! (Leo found these weeping willow branches while he was ordering lunch that afternoon.  He then created a frame for them to start weaving…)

Can you see the concentration that is taking place???

And where was Ethan?  Not too far away… trying to get in on the action!

Voila! Here are the completed nests. But, oh no, we are not finished! Guess what else Leo had planned for them? He had made a separate “holder” for the nests that he then surprised them with.

These are now sitting on our fireplace mantle to celebrate fall.


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