Posted by: thequaches | November 3, 2008

Half Moon Bay aka “The Beach!”

We needed a family day out… so the children asked to “go to the beach.”  We love visiting Half Moon Bay’s Marine Preserve. No matter how often we visit, there’s always something new to see and do. Well, the children love seeing the sand and being in the sand!  Then they dig for hours before they stand up to do anything else!  Anyway, how can one complain about being outdoors?!  I sat and enjoyed a bag of chips – undisturbed for 5 minutes!  I know, unheard of!!!  Actually, it helped that Ma came along.  She kept Ethan busy.

See the seaweed Ma offered Ethan for a toy?  It kept him busy for awhile!

It couldn’t be helped…  When I see toes, I HAVE to take photos!

Always a happy beach goer!

Here the children (Morgan, Kiran, Matthew, and Srikanth — today he was one of the children!) are digging a tunnel… which Matthew stepped on not too long after it was completed.  That boy, I tell ya, he’s something else!

After digging in the sand, we went for a short walk.  The children are having fun!  (Nikash is in the front this time, followed by Matthew, Morgan, and Kiran)

Sometimes, it’s good to just hang out for a bit….right, Kiran and Morgan?


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