Posted by: thequaches | November 3, 2008

Swim lessons

September 10, 2008 (start of Fall session – October, 2008)

Morgan and Matthew started swimming lessons again. This will be their second session at AVAC. AVAC is a great place! My friend Nicole was sending her daughter, Emma K., and spoke very highly of the staff members. I really agree with her. The instructors are very friendly, personable, and professional. Susanna, who works at the front desk, no longer need me to say M&M’s names to check in. She sees us and says hi to Morgan and Matthew and checks us in automatically. I think that is great! This place is large and offer instructions to so many children on a daily basis so when they make such efforts to know us, I think that is awesome service! And the bonus? The children LOVE being in the water! They also look forward to their lessons and do well during class instructions.

Miss Ksenia has been teaching Matthew for 2 sessions now.  She watched him go from crying at the beginning of each lesson to waving good bye to me as he runs to her when she calls his name.  Yes, he loves his lessons!  Especially when they play games!

Morgan is comfortable with putting her face in the water.  Now she’s gliding with ease from the edge of the pool and doing a circle swim in the deep end!

Ethan is always near by cheering on his elder siblings.


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