Posted by: thequaches | November 4, 2008

A morning out with the boys and friends

Matthew often asks where Morgan is when we head out anywhere without her. This particular morning, we decided to join Danielle and her girls (Brianna and Lily) at Cahalan Park for a quick play date before picking up Morgan from school. The boys had a blast! Afterwards, Matthew was anxious to go pick up Morgan. Although it is hard to tell sometimes (because they argue so much), he really misses her when she is not around.


He and Ethan have a great time together!  (if you couldn’t already tell by this photo!)  I think these two are going to get into a lot of mischief together!  (My friend, Jen, bought Matthew a shirt that sums it all up “Mr. Mischief, Trouble is my middle name.”  He wears it proudly and so will Ethan when he grows into it!)


This is Brianna, she and Matthew have been friends since they were babies.  They are only a few months apart.


Matthew loves the slide… especially ones that swirl around!


Hi Ethan!  He was just standing around and playing peek-a-boo with me…  I love that innocent look on his face, don’t you?!


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