Posted by: thequaches | November 4, 2008

Applebutter Festival

This may be the Applebutter Festival… but the children were immediately drawn to the pumpkin patch — which had a sign clearly marked, “not a play area… blah, blah, blah….” As you can see, I did not discourage them to stay away.  (no one else followed the sign either!)  We decided to just picnic nearby and let the children roam about.


So, M&M decided to move some pumpkins around… rearranging pumpkins is a skill that everyone should learn, right?


Matthew likes to observe Morgan first and see what she has planned. Since we recently came back from camping, she is making a fire ring for a campfire!


Guess who’s coming to join the fun?!


I finally got a photo of Vince! He was so busy “filming” the children during all this fun. It’s the videographer in him! 🙂


And then we switched places…. She does look like me, doesn’t she? (Poor thing!)


Time to head on home now. It was fun! After taking the photos above, we actually walked around and enjoyed some apple butter (I’m not a fan… yet), watched apples being peeled and cored (yummy and sweet!), and sampled a variety of apples on hand at the apple orchard. M&M picked their own apples from the tree before we loaded them in the car… pure sweetness! Next year, we will be sure to plan ahead and take part in the apple picking events!


A few hours later — we headed over to Jim and Clare’s to celebrate Corinna’s birthday. Happy Birthday Corinna!!!!



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