Posted by: thequaches | November 4, 2008

Beautiful Lake Tahoe and a beautiful wedding

So we started out a fine weekend with a walk along the beautiful beach of Lake Tahoe. Matthew HAD to check out the motorboats and the huge ferry. A walk along the dock was a must, so long as Matthew does not fall in!


This weekend promises to be a busy one! Vince is quickly memorizing his best man speech… as he scratches out a line or two for better ones! Tony (our best friend from high school) is marrying a perfectly perfect woman, Christine. We are excited to see Tony’s family — it’s been awhile. They are great people who know how to eat well. I am looking forward to his mom and sisters’ cooking! As a bonus, I think Tony’s planning a BBQ, which he will be cooking… Yahoo! I love his BBQs!
Here are the children and I on the dock. Notice how they are anxious to run free?  Ethan wanted to be out of the carrier so he could crawl around, Matthew just wanted to see the ferry, and Morgan wanted to be anywhere but in front of the camera – AGAIN!
So, of course, being the parents that we are… we tortured them with just ONE more photo with Vince before sending them off in every which direction!
Later on that evening at  the BBQ rehearsal, the children spent some time with Tony’s sister, Liz. She LOVES them. Ethan had a connection with her… The last time she held him, he was perhaps 3 months old!  They all had a great time with her.
Ethan is learning to walk. But he still loves the extra support from one of us. In the end, he doesn’t have to work as hard. I say that’s smart. Heck, I am just fine with that… it’s one less child to run after! 🙂
I think she is more beautiful everyday… (just my opinion)… but I know you will agree with me! 😉  The sassy attitude comes with being so beautiful… we’re working on it!
Here’s the happy couple!
Vince and Tom, the other groomsman. Tom and Tony went to college at UC Santa Cruz together. He now lives in Hawaii and is a lawyer.
Matthew and Morgan discovered the dance floor during the rehearsal BBQ. Of course, they had to return to it the evening of the reception – never mind that everyone else was too cold to be on the dance floor! They (well, of course, I was in there as well. I don’t have the energy they do!) were all in the tent dancing around warm heaters!
We finally found someone sober enough to take our first family photo of the weekend! I think the lucky winner was Tom, Tony’s older brother. Although, I have to question whether he was sober or not… his dancing was out of this world! 🙂 Heidi, his wife, would have to agree with me. However, I should NOT be one to judge. I do not have one ounce of soul or rhythm in me. So, if the children can dance, it’s because of Vince! Overall, we had a great time. The children danced with everyone — Matthew was not shy at all. He had many ladies holding his hand and swinging him around. Even Ethan had a few good moves — well, he was asleep on my back most of the evening. It was great exercise for me!

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