Posted by: thequaches | November 4, 2008

Matthew, the “Jr. Olympian”

Matthew started his first activity without Mommy! I signed him up to take an 8 session class (first day of class was Sept. 15) called Jr. Olympian, which would introduce him to a variety of sports. He was very hesitant to go without me at first, but we prepped him for it and he knew that I would be watching from the sidelines. After 6 weeks, he is a pro at being off with his friends and coach without Mommy, yahoo! 🙂


His first day was an intro to soccer. He remembers Morgan playing soccer so he was excited to have his own time to play.  It was cute to watch him actually be “shy” with the other boys!  But, that didn’t last too long!  He is very different from Morgan when it comes to socializing.  He is very outgoing and can make friends easily.  That makes me happy to see.


The first rule in sports is to stretch before playing a game… here they are running after the coach — again, VERY cute!!!  Notice how they all are holding on very tight to their soccer balls?


The next sport lesson was T-Ball.  It was hilarious to watch the boys hit the ball and run around the gym!  A mom was stationed at 1st base and they all ran everywhere else BUT to her!  He actually hit the ball pretty far (see his expression?  He wasn’t sure what to do next.)  All the other moms were yelling, “Run, Matthew, run!”




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