Posted by: thequaches | November 4, 2008

Yosemite… are we there yet?

As if the trip to the pumpkin patch was not enough on a Thursday morning… we headed off to Yosemite later that afternoon.  The children were great passengers!  “Are we there yet????”  I never thought I would ever hear MY children ask that question!  Well, we finally arrived!  Now we are only minutes from our campsite at Cranes Flat.  We stopped to stretch our legs… and take a few more photos!


Nothing like being out of the car after a long drive to put a smile on their faces!



Poor Vince always has the job of pitching the tent in the dark. (It’s what he gets for being an Eagle scout.;))  He had just started this tedious task when he was promptly asked to eat dinner first… (which is always fine with him, “food first” is his motto!)


And by the looks of our empty and clean plates, dinner was a huge success!

The next morning, everyone was up early (to my dismay, of course! But I suppose you don’t really “sleep in” when you are on vacation, right?!).  Everyone seemed to be on task…  Morgan and Aunt Clare set the table, while Uncle Jim returned from fetching water.  Corinna and Matthew prepared the eggs for scrambling while I had the easy job of taking photos and carrying Ethan!



And guess who was our designated cook?  Yup, the one and only!  🙂  Every morning, Vince cooked the prepared breakfast fixings — yummy!


Here we are enjoying our delicious breakfast (bacon, eggs, toast, fruit, and juice).


Then it was off on our first “hike.” You never really go on a hike with the children. They always seem to have their own agenda. I think their motto is, “see rock – climb rock!”  Morgan is right behind Matthew waiting for her turn to stand at the top of this huge boulder. Corinna, an angel that she is, makes sure that they do not fall… as I stand back and take photos! Ha, ha!

See what I mean about seeing rocks??? Here they go again!


At this particular spot, Morgan and Matthew were on the other side throwing rocks. Well, Ethan saw them and wanted to join the fun. Jim showed him a few times and he immediately understood the concept. He continued to throw as many rocks as we would offer him. When it was time to leave, he was not a happy camper!  (Note to self – this skill does not transfer well at home during dinner time.  It’s quite a task for me to pick up rice and chicken pieces that he has skillfully learned to throw down!)


Vince took this stunning picture of Half Dome.


Oh, and we were able to take a quick photo of ourselves.


Here’s the gang: Clare, Jim, Corinna, myself, Ethan, Morgan, and Matthew. Vince took this great photo of us.


Here we are playing in the snow! Can you believe it, snow in October??? Jim handed this bit of snow to Ethan. It made him smile….


No matter how cute and innocent he looks… just know that the snowball he just packed will be thrown at some point and it may hit an unsuspecting soul!


Morgan is building her snow village.



Alrighty, children, time to leave the snow!  Although they are running happily to leave here, there was much complaining and many objections.  I had to promise we would stop again — but we did not, as they all fell asleep during the long drive back to the camp site.  Here we are having a wonderful and warm meal!  Brr… it was quite chilly this evening.  Later that evening, it rained and rained and rained!!!  Although we managed to stay dry – poor Corinna got wet!


All day we stayed out and away from our wet and muddy campsite…

And then it was time to go home!  Until next time….



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