Posted by: thequaches | November 6, 2008

Boo at the San Francisco Zoo

As if we don’t see enough mice in the backyard!  (we’ll save that story for another day!)  Here these critters have a nice home of their own, which even included a fun exercise wheel. You’d think that would get them dizzy!  Ma,  M&M were quite fascinated with them.  OK, so they were the first animals we happen to see upon arriving at the zoo, so they had our undivided attention.


Until… I saw….

Wow, a real snake!!!! Matthew was a bit hesitant at first, but then he realized they were not “spiky,” so he was fine with touching them. Notice how Ma is no where near the children? She DOES NOT like snakes!


And then there was the ferret (there may have been 2) … so cute!


Ethan kept making noises so the keeper brought the ferret over for him to see. He did not venture any closer — not so sure about furry creatures that are NOT cats or dogs!  Regardless, he sits patiently listening to the zookeeper.


Now off to the arts and crafts table.  Matthew shows off his cutting skills. He’s been practicing!  I’m sure you will all notice that he’s left handed.  Good luck to him since neither Vince nor I are left handed… Beth Henard, Amy Howe, Camtu… we are going to need your help and advice!


Here’s Morgan showing off the final product! Cute, huh?


Here are the children after a fabulous magic show. Nikash (monkey), Matthew (Buzz Lightyear), Morgan (witch), Kiran (Spiderman), and Ethan (bumblebee — we took his pants off because it was so HOT that day, yes, it was actually hot in San Francisco!).


We finally found the first trick or treating station! And the choices that followed… which one is the best?  Which one is the biggest?  Which one will last the longest?



And then it was off to see the animals.

The bears just came out of their outdoor pool… wet, drippy, shaggy hair — attractive, huh? Can you see them?


The lemurs were pretty relaxed and doing their own quiet thing.  Matthew was climbing up the fence to take a closer look.  But Ma stopped him.  She advised him that if he were to fall in, the lemurs might ask him to give them his costume… Well, he immediately took a step down from the fence!  He did NOT want to give up his Buzz Lightyear costume!  😉


“To infinity and beyond!!!!”


And now… it’s the end of a long day… let’s go HOME!!!!


Did I mention we had a great time with the Sripati family?  Well, here they are…  what a nice looking family.


And here we are (minus Vince who was working)…



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