Posted by: thequaches | November 6, 2008

Oh, what a busy Halloween day!


The morning began with Morgan’s school parade…


…followed by her class party and crafts.  (Yes, of course Matthew HAD to dress up!  This time he’s the Lightning McQueen Pit Crew member thanks to Cousin Peter.)


This beautiful mermaid is Olivia.  She and Morgan attended preschool together and happen to be placed in Kindergarten together as well.  She LOVES Ethan and always wants to play with him.


After arriving home from school, we ate a quick lunch then headed next door to carve pumpkins.


This is Rob.  He and his wife, Linda, moved in next door when Morgan was about 3 months old.  When Morgan turned 2, she and Rob began carving pumpkins together.  It is now a tradition for us to always carve pumpkins with Uncle Rob.


Guess who has to get rid of the gooey insides???


Matthew likes to help as well… especially if sharp tools are involved!


Time to “carve”….


It’s going to be a ghost.  I did not take any more photos, as Ethan became upset so the rest of the time here was rushed.


An hour and a half after we carved pumpkins, our Halloween dinner friends came over! Every year (since the girls were 1), we have been trick or treating with Emma (and family) and Annamarie (and family). This year, Chris (Annamarie’s dad) was absent, as he had to work; and Danielle and her family joined us after missing a year. The children loved it when Vince appeared in his costume. They laughed for a bit and then thought he was cool.


This is Loari(Annamarie’s mom) and Vince with the 3 August girls: Annamarie (August 16), Morgan (August 8), and Emma (August 10).


Here’s the gang! My, we have grown through the years! Rebecca and Kevin have 3 girls, Vince and I have our 3, Loari and Chris have their one perfect child (according to Annamarie!), and Danielle and Doug have 2 girls. If you look closely, Vince’s carpool buddy, Gus and his family joined us as well this year. Gus was too busy taking photos to jump in. His wife Adrienne and Aedan are shown at the lower right hand corner. Leo, our neighbor, whose house we are standing in front of, took this photo (6 times — 3 cameras!  Thanks Leo!)


This is a photo of myself and my former teaching friends. Rebecca was my teaching partner for 5 years, Loari and I attended the same credentialing program, and Danielle was our teaching partner when Rebecca and I were on maternity leave with Morgan and Emma.  Becky still teaches Kindergarten.  Loari is teaching a 7/8th combo class with our dear friend, Kelly. Danielle and I are not working in the classroom, so we see each other once a week for play dates and adult time!


Trick-or-treating was a huge success this year.  The children had a great time.  It did not rain on us until the children were already feeling tired and ready to call it quits.  And… we have TONS of candy to last until next year!  (Guess what I’m munching on as I am blogging???  Shhhh, they won’t notice!)


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