Posted by: thequaches | November 6, 2008

We LOVE art!

In our house, a treat is gathering our art supplies and creating something fun. Today, we spent some time with our neighbors, Diego and Alexa Rocha. We pick them up from daycare on Thursdays and spend time with them before their parents pick them up in the evening. (Their mom, Stephanie, is going to law school and sometimes sit through a lot of traffic before picking them up from daycare.  So, we help her out so that she does not have to rush to make the 6:00 PM pick up time. I am so in awe of her!  A full time mom and a full time law student!  WOW!)

Today, the chidlren created pumpkin mosaics.


Ethan always enjoys the yummy snacks that come along with creating wonderful artwork.


Matthew, surprisingly, is always deep in concentration when he creates art.  (And notice how Lightning McQueen is never too far from him?  I swear he’s obsessed!)


Morgan just loves any excuse to “do art.”  She is very creative and can spend many hours creating art.


Here are the completed mosaics! Pretty nice, huh? And yes, Matthew did that all by himself. (I know, I was pretty shocked myself. I only needed to help him a few times by filling in the space.)




When Morgan is at school, Matthew and I spend some time creating some simple art. (This way Morgan does not get upset when she sees!)  As you can see, although he enjoys cutting and gluing, coloring just isn’t his cup of tea!


He has really mastered cutting with scissors and gluing with a glue stick.  (But there are always some incidents involving glue in his hair or on his shirt every now and then!)


Ethan… well, he’s always nearby with a smile! 🙂


Matthew has an obsession with sharks (and cars, of course). So we created some shark popsicle puppets for him to color and cut. My favorite shark book is by Gail Gibbons.


Morgan is making bats to hang in her room and around the house.


They always work well together during art time.



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