Posted by: thequaches | November 13, 2008

It’s Andy Z!!!!

I’ll begin the story by telling you that in October (October 11th, to be exact) we attended the Pumpkins in the Park at Discovery Meadows in Downtown San Jose.  Mom had attended the event with us, so we parked the stroller by the stage area.  She and Ethan hung out while Morgan, Matthew, and I roamed around the park working on various arts and crafts, etc. 

We met back to have lunch and watched a few performers.  One performer in particular got us all singing, dancing, and rocking to his beat — Andy Z is his name.  I’ve seen him and heard of him before, but never really had the opportunity to sit and watch him perform (as other things were always more interesting to the children!).  So, this time, we were seated on our mat and having a casual lunch… so we watched Andy Z perform.  This was Matthew’s first introduction to Andy Z.  He sang a pirate song that had a catchy tune and lyric, so Matthew sang along… he continued singing this song a few days later.  I did not think anything of it. 

On October 28th, Matthew, Ethan, and I attended the Mommy and Me at Santana Row.  While trick-or-treating, Matthew stopped in his track and said, “Mommy, I hear Andy Z!”  Well, guess what?  We were across the street and a few shops behind the stage…where Andy Z was performing!  He was right!  It was too crowded so we did not make it over to watch his performance.  Anyway, since that day, Matthew had been singing his pirate song — over and over and over again!  (And quite honesty, he didn’t know all the words, but he knew enough to actually sing it pretty well!)  Here’s the pirate song:   It’s really fun and cute.  Of course, NOW, Morgan and I have since taught him the words, so we sing the song together pretty often in the car and while playing in the backyard.

…So guess what?  Guess who Matthew saw recently at another Santana Row Mommy and Me event???? ANDY Z!!!!


Matthew waited to get closer to him after the show….


He finally got close enough to give him a high five!!!  (darn, this boy got in the way!)  But you see his little hand giving Andy a high five, right?


We stuck around long enough to take a photo withhim.  He was a really nice man.  I would definitely recommend his music and will buy his CD for Matthew (for Christmas –shh!!!)… it’s a long time to wait, but it will be worth it!  😉  I spoke to Andy Z and he will even sign the CD for Matthew when we order from him.  (check out his website at




  1. Sounds like fun. I’m only sorry we haven’t been able to join you at any of those events 😦

    See you soon…

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