Posted by: thequaches | November 13, 2008

Leo’s Amazing Halloween Creation

Our neighbor, Leo, who lives across the street from us LOVES, LOVES, LOVES Halloween.  How much does he love it, you ask?  Well — he transforms his entire house into an amazing creation!  I am sad to tell you, however, that although he also decorated the inside of his house… I did NOT take any photos!  The day after he had his party — almost everything was taken down and put away.  And during the party — I was too busy talking to take any photos!  (surprise, surprise!)  Here are some photos of the front of his house.  Some of you already know about his website, but check it out and be prepared for next year!  I am certain he will have more wonderful things up his sleeve.  (

(Note that Matthew was a very willing subject in these photos.  Morgan was a bit timid, however, so you will barely see her standing next to her brother.)


 This is the front of his house.  The boys LOVE the giant size spider webs and spiders.


 This is my favorite — the pirate scene.  Don’t you just want to rent this out for a pirate birthday theme party?


 Here’s a closer look at the skeleton pirate, treasure chest (which Leo transformed from a “new looking” chest into an antique, rustic piece)…. and our willing subject and his goofy smile!


 There’s the captain.. and my goofy sailor!  🙂


 Oh, what’s Halloween without a witch and her caudron…


 …and the heart and brain she’s brewing…  dinner, anyone?


 The cemetery scene — this truly is a piece of art at night!


 The front of his house — Morgan was not sure about that witch up on the roof.  It reminds her of the wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz… she’s pretty scary!


 A close up of the happy couple…


 Anyone missing their head?  Might be here….


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