Posted by: thequaches | November 19, 2008

One MORE mouth to feed!

Well, it’s 5 more, to be exact!  Morgan and Matthew inherited a fish tank from Uncle Leo (from across the street).  They spent weeks researching with me at the library.  Then spent an entire weekend with Vince cleaning the tank .  They stared at an empty tank for over a week before we agreed it was “time!” If you know me, then you know my history on pet care…  Camtu, if you’re reading this, you are the reason why I feel compelled to reveal my past!  You know about my other pets!  Anyway.. long story short, we had mice, walking sticks, and love birds.  Key words, “HAD!”  The end!

M&M speent a couple of hours with Vince at the pet store selecting their perfect fish. 


Morgan came home with 3 gouramis.  She has named them Stawberry, Goldie, and Blueberry… can you guess her favorite fruits?  (not sure where Goldie came from… it is an orange color…)


Matthew chose 2 otto cats.  He has named them Cifu and Po… can you guess his current favorite movie?  (Not to be mistaken for his all time favorite movie, Cars!)


And there you have it… our new family members!  I believe we are complete! 



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