Posted by: thequaches | November 19, 2008

Thursday, Unlce Jim — Thursday Auntie Clare!

The children made up a song to remember their weekly activities… Today is, “Today is Thursday, Thursday Uncle Jimmmm, Thursday Auntie Clare!”  Yes, they exaggerate Jimmm to give it that extra ump!  If you know that story by Eric Carle, you know th tune!  If you don’t, don’t bother — you’ll hate me for getting the darn tune stuck in your head!  Clare made us a yummy french toast lunch.  Jim made his speciality — goop to top our french toast!  Basically, it’s a fruit spread or thick smoothie , that has whatever is in season in the backyard.  Today was full of scrumptious guava and persimmons… and a few other secret ingredients.  well, they’re not really a secret – I just wasn’t in the kitchen when he and Matthew were busy working away at the blender!  🙂  After lunch we ventured out to the front yard (we normally roam in the backyard), so the children were excited… because the oak tree is in the front yard! 

Ethan practiced taking some steps to Uncle Jim.


So, what motivated him?  Jim’s pens! 


Matthew had his bag ready to collect acorns….


But opted for playing with his favorite car, Lightning McQueen.  I swear, that car goes everywhere with him!  (bed and shower too… in case you were curious!)


 Morgan was very focused on her task… collecting acorns and showing them to Aunt Clare.


Here’s a close-up! Her tub was full to the brim… what shall we do with them?  She spent 10 minutes smashing them open and pretending she was a squirrel looking for food.


 Ethan did some exploration as well….  Leaves can be quite fascinating when you are 15 months old!


 And then he’s off agian! 


 November 13, 2008


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