Posted by: thequaches | November 19, 2008

We love crafting!

Today Morgan and Matthew began their first sewing project (first of many, I hope!).


They are making a stuffed ladybug bean bag!

I cut out three pieces of red felt (2 for the body and one for the wings which I took and cut in half).  Then the children began to sew.  They sewed once before this, so we reviewed some safety rules again… no pointing at each other and do not run away with the needles.  The rules were mainly for Matthew’s benefit, as you can all imagine his excitement when he knew he would have hold of a weapon!  YIKES!

Matthew did well at the start.


 He was very confident and excited about his project!


 But with some assistance, he did just fine, thank you very much!  🙂


Morgan , the thinker that she is… went straight to work. She loves sitting for long periods of time in silence… (definitely NOT like me!)


 She did not have too many problems and was anxious to finish the project this evening.


 Thirty minutes later, their bodies were sewn together! 


 So now it is my job to sew up these 2 plastic bags of beans into cloth bags.


 How’s this?  (Leftover fabric comes in very handy for things like this!)  Tomorrow, M&M will stuff their bugs and sew on the legs, spots, and wings.  I can’t wait to see the final results!




  1. Oh Steph, those are going to be super cute!

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