Posted by: thequaches | November 24, 2008

Dear Emma…

Morgan loves to write letters to her friends.  This evening, before going to bed, she wanted to send her friend Emma K a letter.  She also wanted to give Emma her school photo.  So, she brought out her pencil, colored pencils, and stickers.  She wrote her letter while I cleaned up the kitchen area.

When she was finished, she showed me her letter.  I only helped to clarify a few words and reminded her about her spacing.  Otherwise, she wrote the letter by herself!  🙂


I loved how she taped her photo to the top and drew the bottom of her dress to complete the photo!  She also drew a picture of her friend Emma K.  After corrections were made, she added stickers.  I forgot to take another photo before she sealed the letter up!

If she is a good writer, it is because SHE loves doing it and wants to do it.  I often get a bit too particular and try my best NOT to correct her all the time. 

Here’s a close up of the letter: 



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