Posted by: thequaches | November 24, 2008

Wahooo, Fall is awesome!!!

On Saturday we spent some time at my mom’s house (aka Ma).  Her backyard is full of persimmons at the moment — and persimmon leaves everywhere!  So, naturally, the children wanted to get involved in all the activities.

Matthew surveyed the area first…. 


Vince got right to work on picking some persimmons.  I normally I pick from the lower branches and then he climbs up to the higher branches.  Today, he picked mostly from the higher brances since Mom can’t pick them up that high anyway.


And guess who his spoter was?  Hmm… not really sure about his choice today but heck, let’s see what works for him!


Vince tossed down this branch full of persimons for Matthew to clip apart and store in bags.  He pretended to be a tree first….. 


And then it was on to “real” work.  (Just so you are aware, Matthew’s attention span is pretty short to begin with, so he raked for a few more minutes before asking Ma for something else to do.)


Morgan was very excited to make a leaf pile….


She’s working pretty hard here… such concentration!


And then the most enjoyable part….


In she goes!!!!!!  Yahoo!!!!!!!!


As Ethan watches… he says, time to go home!



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