Posted by: thequaches | November 25, 2008

Ladybug Bean Bag — mission accomplished!

Last week we stuffed and sewed the ladybug body with the bean bags that I had sewn for the children.


Big sis always has to help!  🙂


Matthew did pretty well on his own.  However, after a few minutes into sewing, he wanted to drive his cars.  So, I helped him stay focused for a few more minutes so we could move on with this project!


Today, Morgan worked really hard to attach the wings (with some help, as it was thicker in this area), legs, and the finishing touch of spots and eyes.


She was really concentrating here as we sat comfortably on the couch together working on this project.  Where was Matthew?  Well, he was driving his cars, of course!  He did not want to sew this evening.


Now that the wings were attached, she sewed on the legs.


And then the spots… lots of them, of course, were added.  (Vince and I think they look like the poor ladybug has some disease!  But, hey, it’s her creation — why not, right?!)  It would have been fun to sew on black dots, but Morgan pointed out that that would take “waaaay too long!”


So, here is her ladybug!  The first game we played???  Hot “Ladybug”, why not?!  Then before the end of the evening, she and Matthew took turns tossing the ladybug into the basketball hoop!  What will they come up with next?  I hope to finish both Matthew’s and Ethan’s before the end of the week.



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