Posted by: thequaches | November 26, 2008

An early Thanksgiving feast…

Morgan’s class had their Thanksgiving feast today.  It was so much fun to help make the hats, finish up the place mats, and then set up the classroom tables…  Doesn’t it look so nice?

Here are the Indian headband and pilgrim girl’s hat, we also made a pilgrim’s boy hat but the picture I took did not turnout right…


Before we had the feast, the class and I made a friendship fruit salad… Ethan was pretty curious.  It’s hard to be an on-looker sometimes! I thought he had fallen asleep!


Here’s the class sitting down and getting ready to feast.  Before they ate, however, they said what they were thankful for.  Morgan said, “friends.”


Here’s their yummy feast!


Morgan drew a paper that said she would be an Indian at the feast — isn’t she a cutie?


Matthew is always close by when there’s food…  🙂  The other moms were very impressed with the way he ate!  He ate a lot and very quietly — that’s Vince for ya!  🙂


Ethan enjoys his food as well!


This is his buddy, Addison.  They play together sometimes when Owen’s mom, Kelly, works in the classroom.  They are about 3 months apart — he loves her!


Matthew fits right into the classroom.  Here he is with Morgan’s classmate, Caleb.  He and Matthew were having quite the conversation when I walked by.  I don’t think Matthew will have any problems starting school.  He is so comfortable in this classroom already!



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