Posted by: thequaches | November 26, 2008

Say ahhhhhhhhh

Today the children had their dental check up. 

Morgan is a pro now and does not get nervous.


Matthew, however, was a bit nervous.  This is his first time!  He has sat in this chair numerous times while Morgan and I had our teeth cleaned — but this was his first time as a patient. 


But once the sunglasses came out and on him — he was good to go!


He was so good during the entire cleaning.  The hygienist was so impressed with his behavior — as was I!  🙂  I was very proud of him.


And just next door (a small wall separated them) was Miss Morgan getting her teeth cleaned.  She was awesome!  She even sat still for a few x-rays.  She did not like that part at all — but did well during the ordeal.


Ethan paid Big Brother a visit while Matthew waited for Dr. Corcoran to check out his teeth.


And then Ethan got to ride the chair wih Big Sister!  He had a blast — laughing so loud while the chair went up and down!


Everyone’s teeth are doing just fine…. Morgan may have the beginnings of a cavity though… to be continued in June 2009!


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