Posted by: thequaches | November 29, 2008

A boy and his cars.

I decided to take Matthew to the SF Internationial Car Show since he clearly has a fascination and love for all things that go zoom zoom!!  (Much to the pleasure and satisfaction of his old man.)  We drove up to Millbrae and took the BART into Powell St. which was nice since Matthew also loves all things that go choo choo!  The train ride was nice and we also avoided the mad chaos that is Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) in SF’s busiest shopping center.

It started with a nice lunch at a place called “OutTheDoor” (a trendy vietnamese fusion restaurant) located inside the SF Shopping Center.  This will ensure that we have enough fuel to walk the gigantic showroom that housed all 800 vehicles on display inside the Moscone Center.


As we walked around, Matthew quickly gravitated to all the sporty cars which didn’t bother his dad one bit.  It gave us more time to admire the intricacies of each vehicle and Matthew made sure he pressed as many buttons/levers/switches as he can.

Here are some snapshots from the showroom floor that I grabbed of him in his favorite cars.










  1. We were right by you! We took BART from Fremont, and headed to the SF shopping center. Once we saw the crowds, we headed out and did lunch at Gordon Biersch. Then, we headed to Yerba Buena Gardens.

    Looks like you had fun, too.

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