Posted by: thequaches | November 29, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Morgan was looking for a project to do while we waited for everyone else to wake up…

We made one of these for the Sripatis (as we will be seeing them this afternoon for Thanksgiving lunch), Grandma (we will see her on Saturday for lunch), and Jim and Clare (we will see them on Saturday for dinner).


She did all the writing and adding the turkey “parts.”


When Matthew was awake, he helped with gluing some of the feathers.


Ethan was quite cooperative this mroning and let me trace his hand for the project (he’s sporting his favorite “stinky face” look).  Morgan took this photo — she takes pretty decent photos with my camera!


Srikanth and Marailee made a wonderful Thanksgiving meal for us — I just forgot to take photos!  I happen to be sitting with Srikanth talking when I realized that I should be taking photos — so that’s why I only have this one photo.  After this conversation, we began to eat — so the rest is history!  This is the dish Marailee made.  It’s a rice dish with saffron, pine nuts, and dandilion leaves — yummy!


After our yummy meal, we waddled (well, at least I did!) over to Kiran’s school playground.  The children played at the playground for awhile and then decided to play hide and seek — Morgan, Vince, and Kiran are the seekers here.


Our day (actually, evening!  We did not leave until 7 PM, we arrived around 11:30 AM!), anyway, our feast ended wih pumpkin pie and a movie — Kung Fu Panda.


When we arrived home, the children reminded me that they wanted to see Uncle Leo and Uncle Matt… and guess what they served us?!  Yup, scrumptious chocolate cake and ice cream!  Check out the serving Matt gave Matthew!  He took some huge bites out of that baby — and then finally called it quits!  We packed it up to take home, of course!


Morgan wasn’t complaining that her piece was too big for her either!  She ate to her heart’s content this evening!  🙂


And I don’t know how this got started but… here they are decking the “Uncle Matt Christmas tree!”  Now, my mom is always saying how patient and kind Matt and Leo are with our children… do you think this is enough proof of their affection???  I don’t think I would let them string plastic fruits on my ear and drape garland around me!  🙂  Thanks, Matt, you’re awesome!  And Leo — great idea with the lights!




  1. Ha! I love the fact that both Morgan and Matthew are proud of their creation. It was their second attempt. They tried to get me to go for a third but I had cake to eat.

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