Posted by: thequaches | December 3, 2008

Decking the house

We began our Sunday morning (November 30) with a visit with Ava.  She is now 2 years old and talking up a storm!  She is very articulate and has a great sense of humor.  She played well with Matthew and had a great time.  I think Morgan enjoyed having a little sister for a bit.  🙂  (It’s the closest she’ll get to a little sister at this point!) 


After the play date with Ava, we went directly home to decorate our house.  Matthew began by taking the icicle lights (our first switch over to LED lights) out for Vince.  “I am helping Daddy, Mommy.”  After all the boxes were torn apart — he was off to another task!  This task involved an electric drill — I know… leave it to Vince to introduce him to power tools at this age!


Ethan is always eager to help!  He bounced this ornament “ball”  (he says that now – anything round is a ball) a few times — as you can imagine, we could not use it afterwards!  He and Matthew broke the hook… ARGH!  Boys!  Why do they have to be so aggressive??!


Putting the ornament balls (courtesy of Uncle Leo – who else?!) on the tree was Morgan’s project.  She then put bows on the branches as well.


What does this do, Daddy????  He’s walking now too!  He’s pretty much everywhere – when his legs get tired, he resorts to crawling.  He’s much faster crawling still.


Here’s Vince wrapping Morgan’s tree.  Morgan is wrapping the bushes while waiting for use of the ladder.


Ethan grabbed this chance before we pull him off the ladder.  He’s quite the climber — just like his big brother!  Lucky us!


And what’s the end of this blog without a photo of our goofy middle child — decking himself!  Yes, that’s Matthew for you!  He can’t help but be funny and obnoxious!  (I think that’s why he’s so loved by others — he cracks everyone up with his sense of humor).



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