Posted by: thequaches | December 3, 2008

Morgan gets pinned

So I guess it’s offical, she’s now a Daisy Girl Scout!  Get ready for me to start hounding you all to buy some cookies in a few years!  (Ha, ha, just kidding!)

Today, December 2, 2008, Morgan had her pinning ceremony.  I am now officially back on blogging track.  See, it is  time consuming!  For those of you who kept hounding me for more narratvie — do you think this is enough?  🙂  I feel like we do waaay too much in  a day!  Regardless, I am having fun! 

OK, now back to her pinning ceremony.  I wish I took more photos, but Ethan was tugging on my leg, trying to get places, and then decided to draw on the table with a crayon! (Yikes!)  Matthew was content with drawing photos of Lightning — who else?!


Here’s the Daisy salute/hand shake!  I wonder if it’s a secret?  hee-hee…


Here’s Morgan and Olivia — you’ll be seeing a lot of her this year.  They are good friends.


And here’s the troop — I forgot what number they are (again!)!  Anyway, I have to make this blog quick and sew on her badges this evening or I will forget!  Wait, they may be iron-ons!  I think they are so cute!



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