Posted by: thequaches | December 3, 2008

Over the highway and to Home Depot!!!

Yup, that’s where we went (and have been going for the last 4 years!).  Although it is not very exciting — it’s simple, quick, and easy!  Vince and Matthew spent the day together so we were excited to see them back from the car show.  (I think it’s funny that when Matthew is around me he drives me mad with his energy.  But when he’s away from me… I just miss him so much!  It’s not normal for me to be “without” him.  Although Morgan and I did have a good time together while Ethan napped.)  After a quick dinner, we loaded the car and drove to Home Depot to buy our tree.

Vince is trying to convince the children to just buy one to plant…. he couldn’t sell that to them.  Moving on….


Morgan liked this wreath — a real one!  🙂


Morgan took this photo to prove that Ethan and I were there as well.


How about this one???


SOLD!!!  We only looked at perhaps 3 trees before we decided on this one.  See what I mean?  Simple, quick and easy!


Up on the roof….


And the ornaments were anxiously waiting at home for the children to decorate!


Matthew was actually focused this year — but only for a few ornaments.


Ethan wanted in on the action but just couldn’t figure out what was going on!



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