Posted by: thequaches | December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving (take 2) with the Schoenfelders

Well, most of you already know that Jim and Clare are like our second family…  So, of course, it was nice to celebrate this holiday again with them.  Jim and Clare’s children are John and Corinna.  John lives in Boston.  The love of his life is Rita, she’s originally from Los Angeles.  Corinna lives here in San Jose with her love, David.  David and Morgan have this connection — not sure how to explain it.  They just “get each other.”  She adores him — but does not want to admit it.  🙂

Here is David carving the turkey… I think it was his first time!  He did well — it still tasted scrumptious!!!


Here we are hanging out after dinner — OK, so we were waiting for our food to digest!  Anyway, we were just watching the children play with the Tinker Toys.  That’s John and Rita on the right.  (Notice that Ethan FINALLY had a hair cut?)


Here’s Morgan showing off what she put together — her “I Love Puppies” flag (hard to see but it has a ton of stars), a horse (like the yellow mane?), and a sword.


Dessert time!!!!  Corinna made a yummy Saratoga plum (a friend of hers has a plum tree which she picked and froze) pie.  She also brought some plum and red bean ice cream to accompany the pie — yummy!  Rita also made a pumpkin pecan pie — yummy with TONS of whipped cream!


Here’s Clare, Corinna, and Rita… just laughing at the end of the evening.  It was so nice to spend the evening with the Schoenfelders.  The children were so tired — but had such a great time!



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