Posted by: thequaches | December 5, 2008

Today is Thursday…Thursday (fill in the blank!)

Yes, you are correct… Matthew sang the song as soon as I reminded him that today is Thursday!  “Thursday Uncle Jim, Thursday Auntie Clare!”  Knowing that, I thought I would change my “routine” a bit this morning.  After walking Morgan to school, the boys and I went for a walk (same, no change here– the walk back home is often very delightful for me).  After reading a few books, I put on a movie for Matthew and Ethan while I cleaned the house a bit. 

Thursday is my cleaning day and I normally leave it for the evening after the children have gone to bed.  Today, I thought I would change it a bit, why not, right?  So, I steam mopped the floors and cleaned the kitchen sink — I love Soft Scrub, unless someone knows something bad about it (if you do, you’d better tell me!).  I removed quite a bit of the hard water stains around the faucet! 

Then Ethan started screaming — and signing that he wanted milk.  (so cute)  So, I handed him a sippy cup of milk.  NOPE!  He threw that sucker down pretty fast.  He was not having any of that stuff!  He signed again and pointed to me… Oh, OK — getting particular are we?  So, I took a few minutes to sit so he could “pacify.”  I don’t think he actually nursed! 

Anyway… Matthew was fine with his movie.  But Ethan did not want to sit still and watch.  So, I put him on my back (I love that Kozy that Amanda gave me and looking forward to receiving my Beco carrier that I just purchased per Amanda’s recommendation) and we headed to the bathroom to do some heavy duty scrubbing! 

I scrubbed the tub first — I HATE mold and mildew along the grout area.  So, I read a few advices on line last night and used Soft Scrub to scrub some mold out.  Still some left so I will start the vinegar and possibly bleach treatment next week.  The next scrubbing place was my shower — I HATE tiles!!!!  So I took off my socks, rolled up my pant legs and began scrubbing away with Ethan on my back.  He did pretty well — but he was curious and kept touching the walls and even the soap bar!  After a few minutes of that, he fell asleep.  I couldn’t believe it!  What luck!  He rarely naps at this time anymore!  So, I put him down and began a more vigorous scrubbing of the tiles.  It felt good!!!  After half an hour, Matthew found me and asked to help.  So I finished up with the scrubbing and started the basic bathroom and household cleaning.  Matthew sprayed the “medicine” for the toilet and wiped the sink counters, while I wiped other hidden crevices.  

Here’s my little helper.  He sprayed Windex on the windows (Thanks to Uncle Matt across the street, Matthew and Morgan know how to use that spray bottle very well).  I normally do not clean the windows but he wanted “more” to do after spraying the bathroom mirrors.  So, I obliged.  🙂  He went as far as to asking if the door knobs could use a spray of Windex!  Perhaps he’s seen the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding?!


 Not long after we finished spraying Windex on anything that had glass attached to it, guess who woke up?  By this time, Matthew and I were exhausted from cleaning the house anyway!  Here we are taking a quick break and saying hello to poor half awake Ethan… 


We went for a walk around the block and Matthew rode his trike after our morning of cleaning.  Ethan sat patiently in the wagon while I pulled him along.  We then had a few snacks… and before we knew it, it was time to pick up Morgan  from school.  So, we piled into the car and headed over to get her and then over to Jim and Clare’s. 

We had our breakfast lunch (waffles with many yummy fixings) and then did some “yard work.”  Here are some photos:

We normally don’t sit this far apart from each other.  The table was still extened from the Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday!


Ethan insists on using utensils now a days — he’s getting pretty independent (and vocal)!  His favorite word is “no,” when you ask him any question.  The other night I asked if he was ready to leave the bath and get dressed.  “No, no,” he replied while shaking his head back and forth and proceeded to play some more while I stood watching him and thinking, “Did he really just say that and mean it?!”  What is going on here????


I couldn’t believe that I was actually able to photograph this in time!  He just LOVES his big sister.  Oh.. so cute!!!


A little science experiment… Clare had found this diver toy that belonged to John (remember John (of John and Rita) from the Thanksgiving blog?), so Jim took him out, placed him in a jar with water, and Morgan and Matthew took turns helping the diver breathe.  They also had a lesson on siphoning…  that could come in handy some day, right?


Can you see the bubbles coming out of the diver’s head gear?  Ethan had a quick turn.. he sucked in rather than blow out — so we decided he was done!  🙂


I love that Morgan and Matthew can play so well together.  They are making a path by stomping on the ground cover of clovers.  Morgan gets to lead this time and Matthew was fine with that.  They are always making up cute games together.  (At home they love to go on picnics, start a restaurant, play school, or build tracks for their vehicles using building blocks and train tracks.)


Ethan is getting pretty comfortable walking on his own now.  But he always enjoys a bit of company along his walks.   Auntie Clare is always close by to lend a hand.


Everyone is very busy!


And Matthew can always be found with a shovel in hand — his favorite gardening tool here!


At the end of a very nice day — working hard at raking up leaves, digging, and stomping down the pile of leaves– Uncle Jim offered a free ride to the car.  What service!


So, today I found that a change in routine is often a good thing.  🙂  I am enjoying my free time right now.  I am off to edit a wedding and do not have to worry about mopping or cleaning the house.  What a nice treat at the end of a long day.  It was also a nice bonus that my aunt made us dinner and I didn’t have to cook!


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