Posted by: thequaches | December 21, 2008

Quach Family 2008 | Christmas Holiday Video Card

I have been under the weather lately — along with the boys.  So, Vince has been busy taking care of us all.  He also kept himself busy by putting together our holiday video card.  This year we wanted to “recap” our year’s activities… but we’ve done a lot!  So, we thought it best to just capture the children at their best — when they are at play.  They have grown so much this year.

Morgan is a bright 5 year old girl.  She really enjoys going to school and playing with her friends.  She is quite popular for being such a bossy child!  She is learning so much!  She now reads and writes like a pro.  Vince and I can no longer spell words, as she is now spelling them back to us and then sounding them out loud!  She continues to love to dance, sing, read tons of books, write letters to her friends, and create a variety of  arts and crafts when we have time.

Matthew is an active 3 year old boy.  He is into everything and want to be apart of the action.  (Sounds a lot like his younger sibling…)  But let’s focus on Matthew.  His language skills are fantastic.  He questions everything and sometimes… I honestly admit to him that I do not know the answer!  He loves to play a variety of sports.  He also enjoys reading, writing, and creating artwork (mostly of cars and whales).  His main interest (surprise, surprise) is still cars.  He loves his Lightning McQueen car and will cry if it is taken away as punishment.  As you can imagine, with his level of energy, I am always tired at the end of his day!

Ethan is growing so quickly.  At 16 months, he now walks around everywhere and is talking so much.  (Unfortunately, only I understand him most of the time!)  He is into everything and wants to do exactly what his older siblings are doing.  Sometimes, we enjoy just watching him watch his siblings — the curiosity is incredible!  He takes everything in…  His favorite words are “uh, oh” and “noooo.”  He is learning so much from his siblings — including how to be loud at the dinner table and to sing and dance when the music is turned on!

I know you will enjoy the video that Vince put together.  He decided to do something fun… no tears shed tis year, I hope!  Well, maybe tears of joy!  We decided to use this song because it’s one of Matthew’s favorite from the Curious George movie and CD.  He used to sing it all the time.  This is his version:  “I wanna be a taco down!”  No, we do not know what a taco down is… but it was cute!  He now knows the real words and sings the song pretty well.  All 3 enjoy listening to this song at home and in the car.



  1. We loved your video. Happy Holidays and we love you guys!

  2. Loved the video! Helps to have a videographer in the family. 😉 I can’t believe how big the kids are and how Ethan has thinned out. Happy holidays to a fabulous family!

  3. I did cry!! I miss you all. I wish I could spend more time with you all. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We will be going to the Nutter’s on the 24th and I am not sure what day we will be back but, we will be getting together. Love ya,

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