Posted by: thequaches | December 23, 2008

A lot of holiday happenings…

(If you are visiting here to view the Family Holiday Video card… look below to the previous post.)

We’ve been keeping busy these past few weeks!  Take a look!

Gingerbread house construction….


and tasting…


Not quite what we anticipated… looks more like a creepy gingerbread house than anything!  (see background for what it should have looked like!)


M&M made some “snow people” garland to decorate the house….



Ethan is always doing his own thing… but always has to be part of the action!


These are Matthew’s strands… Morgan is still “perfecting” hers!


Santa and the Mrs. paid Morgan’s school a visit and read the students a story.  Matthew is so comfortable at any school function… he is sitting with another Kindergarten class!


Since it was Morgan’s last night before her holiday vacation… we had a movie night.


And now the baking marathon begins!  We started baking cookies for our neighbors this weekend.  We started with Snicker doodles — or as Matthew calls them “stinky doodles”… why?  We’re not sure, he just thinks the word is funny, so there!




Next, our very favorite — chocolate chips!  If anyone reading this is a neighbor… sorry, we may have to make a few more batches!  I think we’ve eaten through the first supply!  Well, if you are Leo and Matt… good thing you had a preview!  🙂


These were yummy!  (I think it’s because I actually followed the recipe for once!)


We took a brake from baking to do some arts and crafts.  The children made hands and foot cutout reindeer using brown construction paper.  Years from now, I will look back at these little hands and feet and wonder where the time has gone!  Morgan did everything on her own.


Then she grabbed the camera and took a photo of me tracing Ethan’s foot.  Aren’t those toes so cute???


Matthew only drew the eyes and nose — I had to cut out everything else… or else the antlers would be “antler” and the face would be half of what you see here… He was really rushing through to go see what Daddy was up to in the office.


Then I volunteered Vince to help with Ethan’s reindeer.


So simple and yet.. so cute!


We also made these really whimsical paper ornaments while Matt was visiting.  These were so easy and fun to put together.  I found the idea on a blog which I frequent for fun:


Here I am assembling them.  Morgan has her stash saved for making a paper chain for the tree.  She and Matt will be making those later!


Here’s Matt teaching Matthew some safety tips… don’t staple your fingers….


Look how nice they look hanging from our dusty chandelier!  And if you look at the tree… Matt and Morgan finsihed the paper chains… well, some of it.  I was supposed to help her add more!  We haven’t had time – I’m afraid that may be as far as she will get with that project!



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