Posted by: thequaches | December 24, 2008

Oreo Pops – Yummy!

Well, the last of the chocolate chip cookies were eaten this evening for dessert… so we had to come up with a Plan B for the neighbors!  So, I made these Oreo Pops that I found from another blogger :  

I made them for Morgan’s Daisy troop Holiday party a few weeks ago and it seemed easy enough for the children to help me this time around.

Here’s how it went:

First, we stuck the lolly sticks into the Double Stuf Oreo cookies and then put them in the frig for 10 minutes.  ( I used a different brand last time and I think they worked better than the Oreo brand.  I think it was Market Pantry brand from Target.  The cookie part was much thicker than Oreo’s.  The ones we bought for this batch kept breaking on me!  Although the cream in the Oreo cookies are much thicker than the other brand.  So, when you try, tell me what you did differently and how it worked out for you.)


While the cookies were chillin’ in the frig, we banged the living day lights out of the candy canes to coat the cookies.  This was, of course, Matthew’s favorite part!  I had to remind him (many times) that we wanted some big chunks of candy cane as well!



Our plate was finally full enough for the first batch….


Then we melted the chocolate chips — I bought a bag from Michael’s candy making isle and then mixed some regular semi sweet chocolate chips from the grocery store isle.  (I did not do this last time… so something new again!)


Stirring the melted chocolate was important to get that smooth consistency.  But I also had to remind M&M that the container was hot still and they had to be careful!


At last,  Morgan had the honors of dipping the first cookie! This turned out to be a bit more difficult than I had anticipated… so I had to finish the rest.  Their hands kept getting in the way of the drippings and they didn’t like it — and I did not want any chocolate to be wasted!


Here is Morgan’s after being dipped in the candy cane pieces:


Back onto the wax paper and back into the frig for another 10 minutes to harden.


Finally, bag ’em, twist tie ’em up, and then….


Tie a pretty bow and we are good to go!  Tomorrow we will be delivering our homemade treats to our neighbors!


We hope they enoy them!

I hope you are all  enjoying the holiday season with your families and friends.  We are feeling better here — but still having fun at home.  The children have been cooped up a lot these days so we are looking forward to some utdoor time soon.  Although, the forecast calls for rain the next 2 days!  No matter, we can still make merry in the rain!  Matthew will enjoy running and jumping in the puddles with his rainboots on!  

Merry Christmas!



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