Posted by: thequaches | December 31, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!!

Guess who was up first this morning???  I think it was 6:45 AM — 6:45 AM people, what was she thinking????


All I could hear from the boys’ room (that’s where I ended up that night) were the pitter patter of her footsteps (as I do every year) and then a gasp!  (She had noticed the stockings were filled)  After which, she ran to get me. “Mommy, wake up, Santa was here last night!”

So begins my morning…  Barely awake and mostly still sick… but awake enough to grab the camera to take some photos. I had told them they could empty their stockings but would have to wait until AFTER I made breakfast before they could wake up their Daddy and open all their gifts from us AND and the jolly old man.

Stockings… DUMP time!


Ethan was so excited to see candy in his stocking – he didn’t care about anything else!  He held on tight to his goodies and even gave me the “better not touch my goodies” look!  (love the bed head look, don’t you?) I dare not ask if he needed me to unwrap the lolly for him!


And then he finally took notice of the wooden royal family that goes with his wooden block set.  He really liked the knight…


Finally, breakfast was made…  Daddy was woken up!  Wrapping papers were everywhere!!!!



These are the shirts I made for them using freezer paper — so cute and so much fun!  I have to make the Parse girls theirs tomorrow night!



On the way to the table… they noticed the down pour of the rain and watched a bit.  The umbrella was actually spinning around as well!  It was so windy!


Now food for the tired souls (I had a cup of coffee as well this morning — with only 4 hours of sleep, I thought it best to have caffeine this morning)  and fuel for the children to unwrap more gifts… the Quach/Le family (Vince’s family) will be over in a few hours to open more gifts!  ARGH!!!!  (Oh yes, I made a yummy coffee cake – an easy recipe from Clare, some french toast, and sausages.)


Of course, Ethan’s signature “smile.”  He now does the “stinky face” look when the camera is anywhere near him — lucky me!


More to come….


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