Posted by: thequaches | December 31, 2008

‘Twas the night before Christmas…

The children have been so excited for this evening to come! The chocolate advent calendars from Trader Joe’s was a huge hit each morning and a great reminder as to how many days we had to go… and thanks to Auntie Clare – they had one each night after dinner as well!

At her Daisy Troop holiday party Morgan made the reindeer magic oats, so they went out this evening and sprinkled the lawn with magic reindeer food — to help them fly, of course!


Ethan, as always, wanted to be a part of the action…. had no idea what he was doing, but sure had a great time doing it!  🙂


And then all 3 fell immediately to sleep — “excitement exhaustion” — if there is such a thing!  It didn’t take much coaxing to get them to bed this evening.  Morgan kept asking why they had to sleep in our bed — well, I needed them as far away from Vince’s noisy paper wrapping sounds as possible!  Yes, you read that right — Vince did the entire Christmas wrapping this year!  What a splendid job he did!  (Thank you Hunny)


So, the stockings were stuffed… sort of… the cookies and milk were laid out (kind of)….  Good night!



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