Posted by: thequaches | January 1, 2009

Christmas continues…

The festivities did not end after opening up gifts from Mommy and Daddy and good ol St. Nick…  Vince’s family came by and more presents were opened!  Wrapping paper flying everywhere once again… our recycle bin is FULL!!!  (Thanks Mom for taking some home with you!)

Remember the boy and his one car — the one that he cried over when it was taken away?  Well, fat chance I can take ALL of them away at the same time now (well… we’ll have to see about that!)… Thanks to his Auntie Heather and Cousins Tracy and Christine…  They bought him not 1 but 3 new cars for his collection!  See the excitement in his eyes?  He dropped everything once he opened up this gift pack…


Baby Allyson, our niece, who is only 5 months, can now sit up almost on her own!  She is also quite the eater!  Check out those thighs on that girly girl!  Makes a Momma proud!  🙂  She unwrapped her own gift this year too!  (well, almost)


I was reading Allyson a story, but guess who immediately objected and all of a sudden, needed to be held too!


Here’s the whole gang!  This is Vince’s family:  From left to right: TOP Row — Vince, his brother (Danny) his mom, my mom (she’s in red), his grandmother, his sister (Heather), Heather’s husband (Andy) and their baby Allyson.  BOTTOM Row — Morgan, Matthew, Me, Ethan, Tracy and Christine (both are Heather’s beautiful daughters).


Later that afternoon, guess who came by with 3 huge boxes for the children?  …Santa Leo!  Matt had flown home to Philadelphia the day before… and we didn’t get the chance to say good-bye.  😦 The children were sad… but he will be home soon!  He called to wish us a Merry Christmas… we called back and hollered into his voice message that kept telling us our message could not be heard and we had to try again!  Matt, we hope you knew it was us screaming into your voice machine!

Morgan barely made it to the living room — she almost tipped over!  I have never seen gifts so beautifully wrapped.  I wasn’t sure I wanted the children to open their gifts!  I wanted to stare at the packages a bit longer!


This box was as big as he was!


Can you believe it — a whole tractor trailer full of cars!!!  Was he in heaven or what?!


I think Ma was having more fun!  🙂


Of course, she HAD to create some artwork NOW!  Uncle Leo was patient enough to show her how it worked and how to keep the floor clean while doing it.  What a wonderful person!  🙂


The following day (the 26th) we celebrated Christmas (take 5?  :)) with Jim and Clare and their daughter, Corinna and her husband, David, at their house.

Jim and Clare put together a wonderful toolbox for M&M — full of REAL tools!  They are having a blast with it.  They have yet to discover the electrical tape… it’s still in the wrapper.  It won’t last too long before a discovery is made!  🙂


I love Corinna’s kitchen — so bright and organized!  Check out the working Wedgewood stove — did I spell that correctly?  I LOVE that stove!  It’s so beautiful!


Clare cooked a stuffed roast… yummy!  Well, truth be told, David cooked the roast on the grill outside and Clare bought the roast from Lunardi’s.  Regardless — YUMMY!  She did  a great job carving it too!  🙂


“Who me?  What did I do?!”


“Oh, I just love my Papa!”


A few days later… my dear friend, Jan (aka Grandma Jan), came to visit from South Dakota!


Jan and I worked together at Windmill Springs Elementary School.  She became a really great friend to  me after Matthew was born.  I remember being so sick one day but did not want to burden anyone.  Jan called and after speaking with me, she got into her car, drove over to my house, and took care of the children while I napped on the floor!  I think I just fell asleep while she was visiting — I was that sick!  She recently retired and moved back to Sioux Falls, South Dakota — where she is originally from.


Jan flew back to South Dakota New Year’s eve afternoon….  We miss her already!  Come back soon Jan!



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