Posted by: thequaches | January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

What an amazing year this has been.  I can hardly believe how quickly it has flown by!  But here we are… an hour from 2009!

The children and I spent a wonderful morning with Jim and Clare (although today is Wednesday!).  We brought over donuts — a really nice treat for all of us.  If anyone in the area is seeking a nice donut place… the one we went to this morning was really nice.  The owners are Cambodian (most are, if you did not know that already).  They were very friendly and paid extra attention to the children.  Well, mostly Ethan!  The owner, seeing that Ethan did not want to leave the display area went back to ask him what he wanted.  “That, that,” Ethan replied.  So he took a bag, dropped 2 donut holes in for the little guy and handed it to him.  You should have seen the smile on his face as he walked away!  As soon as he could put his hand in the bag, the donut hole was out of the bag and in his mouth!  Anyway, the place is called Donut Basket and it is located off of Camden and Branham Lane.

Uncle Jim, let me show how the stinky face goes…  Now you try!


Many games and lots of activities were played at Jim and Clare’s today.  By the time we left — I am certain they were exhausted! (Because I was!)  When we left them, Ethan had finally fallen asleep, as a nap was definitely needed.  So M&M and I drove around looking for a park.  We found a great park (one that was recommended to me by a mom I met on Craigslist).  We will definitely return in the near future and bringing our friends!

M&M climbed to the top of their “pirate ship.”




And enjoyed a swing on the tire swing!  I joined them after a few photos!  It was fun… No worries, Ethan was near by, sound asleep in the stroller.  😉



After a short walk around the area — discovering the small rose garden and vineyard, guess who was up?  Well, of course, I had to torture him and make him take a group photo!


“I want to give you a kiss!” said Matthew to Morgan.  “No,” was the reply!


Ethan is not so sure why his older siblings are on his playground equipment!


After we left the park, we ordered our New Year’s Eve dinner —  Thai food!  We ordered from Eruwan near McAbee and Almaden Expressway.  Great service, great price, and yummy food!  We will be back and bringing friends as well!

Mom., Matthew, and Ethan called it quits shortly after a few games, books, and dessert.  As I am typing this Morgan and Vince are playing video games!  She is so tired… but she is trying so hard to stay awake.  She just yawned and asked, “Are any of you tired?”  When we replied no, she said… “I’m not either!”  We are going to see if she can stay up until midnight to do the count down with us!




May your 2009 be the best it can be for you and yours.  We will begin our year by sleeping in… NOT!  I think Vince has to work (from home), so we are going out to see some friends.  I hope 2009 will be filled with many more exciting events!   Keep up with us…..


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