Posted by: thequaches | January 4, 2009

2008 was….

…full of wonderful events.  Care to take a walk down memory lane with me?

In January, the children had so much fun when Cousin Peter and Uncle Michael came for a visit.  Peter stayed with us for 2 weeks while Michael worked in the city — what a big boy he was!


All four cousins…


In February, the Parse family came for a brief visit.  Madison was such a sweetheart — when she is “old enough,” she promises to visit and stay with us.  Kate… is she old enough yet????  We are SO looking forward to her coming to stay with us!


In March, the children and I flew to Atlanta to meet our newest family member, Cousin Ryan Thomas Gottschalk.


Here are the four cousins again!


After 2 months of practically living with the Gottschalks in Atlanta, we returned home to… plant our garden at the tail end of April.


And open up a restaurant in May.  It was decided that the restaurant business was too “stressful,” with only one regular customer (who drooled on everything!)… it was hard to stay open.  They are now considering a restaurant that opens “on demand.”


And as luck would have it — the Gottschalks returned in June — with Mommy Gottschalk as well!  (That’s my sister who never has time to do anything for herself! :))


In July, we squeezed in a camping trip to beautiful Hidden Springs in Humbolt County.  We will definitely return!


August was a busy month… are you ready?

Ethan celebrated his first birthday!


After which, Miss Morgan celebrated her fifth birthday!


Then Matthew celebrated his third birthday!


At the end of August, our baby girl started her first day of Kindergarten!


In September we took a quick family trip to beautiful Lake Tahoe to celebrate the marriage of our best friend from high school, Tony Tran, to his sweetheart, Christine.


In October we squeezed in our last camping trip of the year to Yosemite.  After being rained on… we were determined to continue to have a good time — and we did!


At the end of October, we celebrated Halloween with our friends… an annual event that we all look forward to!


In November, Morgan and Matthew began their first official sewing project!  It was a huge success and Morgan will be sewing more projects this year.  Matthew, on the other hand, is happy just to observe for awhile.


In December… well, as you can see, the house was a complete disaster after all gifts were opened on Christmas morning and there after!


On December 31, 2008 Morgan stayed up to ring in the new year with us… learning to play video games helped us all stay awake!  She fell asleep at exactly 12:01 AM!


And now we are literally in 2009!  I cannot believe it!  Can you?  What an amazing year it has been!  So much has happened — more than I included here.  I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to do so much with my children and family.  We all tend to have so much “going on” in our lives.  Sometimes we tend to lose sight of what is important to us.  What is important to me?  My family and friends…   the people who help make me who I am.  My children, they fill me with so much joy on a daily basis.  My husband, who keeps me grounded.  He works hard so that I am able to enjoy the simpe life that we have and stay home to watch my children progress in their daily learning.  My mom, who is always there for me when I need her.  (My sister wishes she were closer to her too.)  My sister, who although is so far away, is always there to listen to me when I call her.  My friends, I could name you all — but I think you know who you are.  You are the ones who read my constant ramblings and do not judge me.  You see me for who I am and laugh with me for it (and maybe even “at” me sometimes).  I thank you all for being apart of my life!

Someone recently asked about my “resolution” for 2009 — Honestly, I do not have any resolutions, because I don’t make them!  I do what I can one day at a time and hope that I can continue to keep my family healthy and happy!

So….may the new year bring you continued love, peace, and happiness!

Here is a current photo of our beautiful children.




Happy New Year!!!!!


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