Posted by: thequaches | January 13, 2009

A fishy weekend….

We spent a nice afternoon at a park in Foster City.  We were scheduled to pick up my cousin at SFO.  She was returning from a trip to Australia and we were picking her up to take her back to her home in Stockton.  While waiting for her flight to arrive, the children played at a park near Vince’s old work place.

Matthew’s new interest is climbing — Spiderman influence? I’m not sure, as he’s never seen the movie!


Morgan loves to get as high as she can, as well.  But she’s always more cautious.


Ethan is always close by to try what big brother and sister are doing!  Thanks for the extra help, Ma!


I’m not sure what they are on… Morgan called it a mushroom.  A flying saucer?!


Matthew was so excited to see a sand crab!


The next day, we were in Stockton and hanging out… as Vince and my cousin’s husband, Kent, went on a fishing trip.  The children wanted to go but it was too foggy, so we stayed back.  Next time, for sure, they will be going too!




I thought Annapurna might like this….Morgan was so excited to point out her name when she saw it at the play structure.


And then Vince came home!  I was busy with Ethan, so Morgan was given the camera.  You are now seeing the event unfold through Morgan’s excited eyes…  Vince and his catch.


The catch…still on the boat.  One of the fish actually jumped out of the bucket!


This is a flounder.  Matthew said, “Just like Ariel’s friend!”  Yup, you know these things when you have an older sister who loves princesses!


I had to grab the camera back to capture a photo of  Morgan.  She and Matthew were so excited to see a real fish return home with Vince!


This lone fish here was promptly cleaned and steam for dinner…. yummy!


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