Posted by: thequaches | January 13, 2009

Family group fun

A quick intro —  We all met back in 2003… 5 (going on 6) years ago!  I can hardly believe it has been that long!  There was Amanda Tobler, Nicole Varnell, Marailee Sripati, Rebecca Haslemann, Sharlyn Malone, and Cristina Burkett.  We called ourselves the “breastfeeding club.”  Well, that’s how most of us met!  Some of us met through our prenatal yoga class and then later at our post partum yoga class; then we all followed each other to the weekly breastfeeding meetings on Tuesday mornings.  Yup, that’s what we did – sat around, chatted, got questions answered by a lactation consultant, and nursed!  I am so glad we did, as we have built quite a friendship since our first borns were only a few months old.  Now most of us have 2 and for the crazier ones… we have 3!  🙂

It had been awhile since we all got together to play — as a family.  As individuals, we have met and watched our children play together.  But as a family, we have had a lot of scheduling conflicts.  So, this Sunday, most of us were able to agree (minus the Burkett and Haslemann-Nutter family) and met as a group — with husbands and children in tow!  We met at Emma Prusch Farm on a lovely (but chilly) day!

The children ran around, played on the playground, met some farm animals, and we ate a picnic lunch together on the spacious lawn.

Let me introduce you to our newest member of the family — Vince’s camera!  It’s a Cannon 5D Mark II.. don’t ask me what that all means!  I had to ask what it was!  Anyway, since he has this new camera, I left mine in the car… a small mistake on my part!  Most of you know how crazy I am when it comes to taking photos… well, Vince takes “photos.”  He actually thinks about the content, sunlight, blah, blah, blah — stuff that really doesn’t pertain to me.  I “take” and “take” and “take” until my camera’s battery light blinks at me.. then I replace it and “take” some more!  So, the result of our newest family member???

Take a lookie for yourself — and Kiran, don’t be too disappointed… Morgan didn’t make the cut either…  😦  I promise you, I will take my camera no matter what Vince has around his neck and no matter how heavy or expensive the darn lens is!

The real Matthew…goofy as always!


Peek-a-boo!  Hi Ethan!


“You want to do what?”  Kylie asks Matthew…  “I don’t think so!” She answers him.


Annapurna’s got a mean kick!


Kenyon… is that your tent for the day?


Emma is quite the slider….


But brother Ben thinks going feet first is SO over-rated!  This is the way to go…


Brenner is quite the observer…


Hmm, Nikash, do you think it’s safe to lay on the ball?


What a fun time we all had!  


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