Posted by: thequaches | January 13, 2009

Park play date and birthday cake

We spent Friday afternoon with Amanda and her children Kenyon and Annapurna.  Amanda lives near the foothills and today, she introduced us to her park.  It was a nice and quiet park.  Here are the children enjoying the afternoon.

Ethan is now enjoying the slides but is rather hesitant to go on his own — understandably so, as the slides are so long an windy at the larger playgrounds!  Morgan is always near by to volunteer her services to her baby brother.


Matthew and Ethan are enjoying the see-saw…


Big sister was feeling a bit left out…


Morgan and Matthew were spinning themselves silly here — Matthew was a bit wobbly after all the spinning!


After leaving the Toblers, we went home, ordered Thai food, and celebrated Uncle Matt’s birthday!  His birthday is actually on the 10th (tomorrow), but we will not be home to celebrate with him.  Happy early Birthday Uncle Matt, we love you!


Oh, and a quick update… They discovered the use for Uncle Jim’s electrical tape!  As you can see here, they have decided to help their structure stand up longer…  Morgan was the genius behind this plan.  Here’s to Uncle Jim and his great ideas!  😉



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