Posted by: thequaches | January 16, 2009

What’s with the weather???

Well, I really shouldn’t complain… as we are enjoying this beautiful weather!  Matthew is definitely enjoying his outside time and is outdoors every second!  The minute we arrive home from dropping off Morgan at school, he heads immediately to the backyard while Ethan and I do some indoor housework.  After we pick up Morgan from school he and Morgan run to the backyard and play while Ethan naps…  While I am making dinner, they are still outside but now they have the company of Ethan.  Oh, I am enjoying this weather VERY much!  It is so nice to be able to listen to their laughter.  We’ve even brought out the jumper a couple of times!  What will I do when the rain really arrives???  Here’s to the beautiful weather…

Some early gardening…. you should know this face well by now!  🙂


The sandbox was opened up!


And there was sand all over the house this evening!  (YIKES!)


A few days later …

We spent a lovely afternoon with Kiran and Nikash intheir backyard.


Ethan is enjoying the freedom of roaming around on his own now.


What’s a lovely afternoon without bubbles???!!


The next day…

We visited Vasona Lake Park with Aunt Clare.  Morgan loves collecting flowers…


There’s Ethan running after me!


Matthew is checking out the roaster for Daddy… Right…  He was actually sailing his “ship” to Andyland!


And then they headed over to the creek…


But wanted to get across further….


So, Mommy came to lend a hand!


Of course, Matthew wanted to join the fun!  (Clare took these photos by the way…)


They could have spent all day out there on their private island.


But we convinced them to move along – 30 minutes later!  So they sat and watched the ducks, geese, and coots swimmng around.


Afterwards, we all stopped for a snack — beef jerky and apples anyone?


Indeed, we are enoying this lovely weather very much!  How are you all enjoying this lovely weather???


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