Posted by: thequaches | January 23, 2009

Chuc Mung Nam Moi

Say what?  ….That’s Vietnamese for Happy Lunar New Year!  

We are getting ready for the Lunar New Year which commences this January 26th.  We are decking the house with a few simple decorations…as it is raining outside!

Here is how to make a lantern:  (Matthew asked where we will put the light! YIKES!)

1) you’ll need red construction paper (any size you have will do)  — we made large and small lanterns


2) fold in half (the long way) 


3) using a ruler, mark lines about the thickness of the ruler stopping just short of the top slit (these lines will be used by children as a marker to cut slits)


4) start cutting the slits! ( Isn’t she a great model?  I love that girlie girl!)


5) Make sure to completely cut one entire slit out for the handle (that’s what Morgan is doing now)


6) open up the paper, fold the lantern in half 


7) staple the handle onto the lantern (Morgan took this photo — so it’s hard to tell what I’m doing)


8) Voila!!!


We also made a dragon puppet.  

I had a picture that M&M colored, cut out, attached a folded fan-like red construction paper in between, glued onto the colored dragon, and added a Popsicle stick at each end to hold.

(Matthew is folding the red fan construction paper)


Morgan is coloring her dragon…


The final product —


They were putting on a show for me….  🙂


Happy Lunar New Year!

We are going to make a cherry blossom art project tomorrow… when Ma comes over.  She likes those beautiful flowers.  I’m also planning to introduce Morgan’s class to the Lunar New Year festivities tomorrow.

We will be with Vince’s family on Saturday and my mom on Sunday.  It’s going to be another busy weekend — but the children will be wealthy by the end of the weekend.  😉


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