Posted by: thequaches | January 25, 2009

ONE more Lunar New Year project

Matthew grumbled when I said we would do one more project…

Then I mentioned we would be cutting and gluing — he jumped off the couch and was at the table in no time! 

Another project I always enjoyed making with my class was this tissue paper cherry blossom branches in a vase.  It’s very simple.  The children can do whatever they want — and it still looks great!  As you will see, Morgan is always so particular while Matthew just “does it.”  In the end, I think they both turned out so beautifully!

Here they have already cut out the vases and are now working on the branches.  See how Morgan’s vase looks like a vase?  Then look at Matthew’s interpretation.  Either way –they look great!


Now they are using tissue paper to make the blossoms.  They are basically putting cut up tissue paper at the end of their pencil, dabbing the tip to glue, and then gluing onto the branches.


Here are the final products!




And their artwork was added to our New Year wall.  Mom wrote the Chinese characters years ago for use in my classroom.  I pulled those out and displayed them.  Morgan colored the Vietnamese sign – “Chuc Mung Nam Moi.”  This photo was taken just a few minutes before we left the house to walk across the street to join Matt and Leo for dinner — Yummy Chinese Take-out! Then we spent a few hours Wii -ing!  It was great fun!



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