Posted by: thequaches | January 29, 2009

I am loved…

This evening, as all evenings actually — I was putting the children into the tub for their baths.  M&M went in first — as they can play well together and do not need much attention.  Little guy went in last, as he likes to follow me around while I make dinner.  

After I had the soup and stir fry made, I walked him into the bathroom to take off his clothes.  I sat on the toilet and took off his shirt.  Then, I lifted him up to put him on my lap so that I could take off his diaper.  At this point, he took my face into his hands, leaned in and gave my left cheek a kiss.  Then he turned to my other cheek and gave that cheek a kiss.  My heart melted!  I gave him a kiss and he hugged me tight — really tight!  

Now… how can I not be in love with that little boy?  The little boy who now has potty trained himself.  Yes, that’s right — that’s what he has done!  I don’t have pictures to prove it — Vince has banned me from that.  He did not think it appropriate (but thought it cute never the less when I took that photo of him at 9 months sitting on the potty in Atlanta) to show you all photos of our children on the potty.  🙂  

Anyway, Little guy now says to me, “Mama, poo-poo,” and starts walking to the toilet.  And… he poops!  He really does!  If he were not MY son, I would think that whomever was telling me this story was lying.  How can an 18 month old little one go potty ON the potty?  Well, there you have it — my little guy, who loves me very much, gives me kisses and has taught himself to use the toilet!  We now just need to work on the peeing and we may be in underwear soon!  

As exciting as it sounds to you all… it sounds like a lot of work for me!  3 children to take to the toilet while I am out on my own… hmm, maybe the diaper isn’t a bad thing after all!

I am going to bed a happy and loved mommy… 

And you, how were you loved today?


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