Posted by: thequaches | February 7, 2009

An afternoon of exploration…

We went to Jim and Clare’s on Wednesday this week.  Morgan spent some time with Clare playing a variety of games with her. Then she sat down and read a story to Clare.  After a few pages, Clare had to take over.. it was too tiring to read anymore!


Meanwhile, the boys are outside with Jim… causing havoc?  Jim was trying to get some yard work done and tried to get Matthew to participate.  He put Matthew in the yard clippings bin…


and gave him a pair of clippers, of course!


And where Matthew is, Ethan is never too far away!


But he often likes to make his own way around the backyard….he loves sticks just as much as his big brother!


Which then gave Matthew an idea…. “I’m making you a home Mommy,” he said to me.  “Really,” I ask him.  “Yes, and it’s going to be big,” he responds.  “Great!  I can’t wait to move in!”  So, he begins to construct….


And then he ties it up (with my help)….


He definitely has his Daddy’s patience when it comes to knots!


He had to try it out for size… “I think you won’t fit, Mommy,” he tells me.  “Oh shucks, I was looking forward to moving in…”


Then he had to call Morgan to show her his construction!  She was mighty impressed!


Clare’s beautiful daffodils– I just love them!  (Wish I had Vince’s camera here!)


We are hoping to see Jim and Clare again before the 10th of February… becasue at 4 AM they are headed to SFO and flying to Brazil for THREE weeks!  THREE WEEKS!!!!  What are we going to do for 3 weeks without them????  I’m not sure the chidlren are fully aware of this… but they will soon enough.  They always look forward to singing that song on Thursday morning as we walk to school.  I guess we will have to think of something else for Thursdays for the next 3 weeks!



  1. I think Kenyon and Matthew were cut from the same cloth. That stick house looks awesome!

    You’ll just have to play with us while Jim and Clare are gone!

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