Posted by: thequaches | February 7, 2009

Another budding artist in the family

Matthew loves to draw.  I think he’s pretty good!  His drawings always have some story that goes along with them.

Here are the most recent ones:

This one is of the four of us (minus Vince) at the beach.  He told me that he would draw me with a big head, “but not too big.”  My smile is hidden because my hair is so long and my head is so large! 😉  Morgan wanted to know why her head was separated from her body — he didn’t really answer her!  Hmmmm… kind of a dark drawing after all, uh?  Oh, yes, the dead crab.  After he drew all of us, he drew the crab.  When I exclaimed, that it was a crab, he calmed me down a bit by saying, “don’t worry, he’s dead.  He can’t chimp you with his chimpers.”  I love that he still calls claws and sharp insect pinchers “chimpers!”  He’s been doing that since he was 2!  So, whew, thank goodness none of us will be chimped by the crab because it’s dead!  The other circles are “sand pebbles.”  Oh, do you like how large Ethan’s bellybuton is?!


This picture he drew while I was busy helping at school.  He kept himself pretty busy working on this piece of art.  He told me that it was an octopus.  Then he drew the red legs and added that it was a fire octopus.  “Wow,” I said.  Then he reassured me, “oh, it’s a nice fire octopus.”  Then he drew the blue area to designate the water.  And of course, green for seaweed!  I love that his octopus has exactly 8 legs!




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