Posted by: thequaches | February 7, 2009

Rain, Rain… DON’T go away!

We have been waiting so long for this day!  The rain is SO needed and the children for one, are NOT complaining!  Take a looky at these photos – evidence of pure pleasure!

Morgan was not interested in touching Matthew’s new friend…. neither was I!


Now you see why?  Kate would be so proud that I actually took this photo!  I’ve come a long way, Kate — the benefits of having a rambunctious boy! 😉


“Wawa!!!”  He was so excited to see the puddles.  Unfortunately, he could not stomp in them because I had him wearing Matthew’s boots – which are wayyy TOO big for him!  He could barely walk in them without stumbling!  But, I held his hands and helped him stomp a bit!  I suppose new boots are in order…


Matthew… well, he knows what to do!


And then a slug was seen and Mattehw decided it needed a home.. so the search for a shell was on!  One was found and forced upon this poor thing that decided to curl up and hide in the shell!


There is always time for some chalk drawing, right –rain or shine?


My tulips are finding their way out!  I can’t wait!  I think I see the crocuses as well…


Have a great weekend!  Let’s hope the rain continues….  Morgan didn’t really have the opportunity to splash yet!


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