Posted by: thequaches | February 10, 2009

A thoughtful friend….

Anita, my college friend from UCLA, is a very thoughtful person.  She remembers everything — especially birthdays of the members in this household.  It’s a good thing she shares a birthday with one of  our family members (Morgan)!  Otherwise, I would NEVER remember hers !  Really, I just cannot remember dates anymore.  Anyway, she sent me a potted plant (amaryllis) a week before “my” day and a card soon followed with a nice book to calm me… I hope!  I am also hoping that I do not kill the plant before it has the chance to bloom… my luck… brown thumbs that I have.


This is the only picture I have of her.  She came to visit when her friends, Karen and Gerald, were getting married in Carmel in July of   2008.  (She was the maid of honor.)  She came with another friend, Khay, who has known the children since they were born, as well.  Khay went o UCLA with Anita and I too, but I did not “meet” Khay until we were about to graduate!  But, I’m glad I did!  Anita is always so cheerful and giddy.  She’s also very goofy, so Morgan just adores her!  Good thing she loves children – especially ours!  😉  


Thank you Anita — Thank you for always remembering!  



  1. I’m remembering you today, too. Hope your day is reflective, full and rewarding.

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