Posted by: thequaches | February 10, 2009

Morgan’s current interest

Lately, when we venture on our weekly library trip, Morgan heads over to the Magic School bus section.  She grabs a big pile and sits down to read them. Well, she mostly looks at the pictures and reads some of the text.  (I’ve always enjoyed reading them myself, but never thought to introduce them to her because those books are a bit scattered — with story narration and side talking bubbles from the story characters).   They are almost comic book like, so I think she likes the idea of reading and looking at the pictures.  So last week she said she wanted to learn more about the solar system and make her own poster. We began her project last Thursday…

She started with the sun — with solar flares and sun spots!   Matthew later asked why her sun was sad because he thought that the sun spots was the sun’s face!  She finished Mercury with its many craters and our planet Earth. Here’s a preview:




Oh, Matthew, of course, is working on his version of the solar system as well.    He has the sun and Earth completed.  Then, of course, became distracted when Ethan walked by with a car in hand.  Those cars sure are fascinating!  More photos to come….



  1. what an expressive sun! i saw your comment on mollycoddle re: handwritten notes ~ i can’t believe you keep such great touch with folks! had to take peek & see. i have to admit i love seeing other asian family bloggers. makes my day.:)

    • Thanks, Maya. I visited your blog and you are an awesome Mommy! I love what you do with your chidlren… and the patience you have, girl – I commend you! Looks like you and I have many similar nursing techniques — anywhere and anyway! 😉 I am going to sit now and write up my 5 letters. Night!

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