Posted by: thequaches | February 23, 2009


Those are the repeated words uttered by our 18  month old while sledding in the snow recently.

What a wonderful time we all had!


So, my friend, Nicole, was talking about visiting the snow… and of course, I had to jump in and say, “Hey, we’ve been wanting to go to the snow, can we come with you?”  I said this knowing that she wouldn’t say no, because she’s so nice and would never say no unless she really thought about it ahead of time and knew how to say no in a nice way.  But since I caught her off guard… anyway, I know everyone has one of those friends!  I happen to have many… lucky me!  🙂  So, I guess she was obligated to say yes to me!  And thank goodness she did, because we had so much fun!  Did I already say that?  Well, we did, seriously!

Nicole and Todd have 3 children, Emma (5), Ben (almost 3), and Matthew (10 months).  Our oldest girls love playing with one another, so it seemed fitting that we vacation together.  We hope our boys will get along as well and we can continue to vacation together.  We are part of a the playgroup that I have mentioned before — we all met when our first were born, either at yoga class or the breastfeeding club.  So, we have known each other for awhile.

We left Valentine’s Day and enjoyed a nice drive toward Bear Valley.  Nicole reserved a cabin in Dorrington — about 30 minutes from Bear Valley.  We have never been to Bear Valley or Dorrington, so this was an exciting trip for us.  Upon arrival, all looked fine… and then we saw snow, LOTS and LOTS of snow!!!

From the day we arrived to the day we left, the children never once tired of asking to go outside to play in the snow.  They were even content to stand outside the deck area and eat the snow or icicles!  After this trip, I have more respect for parents who LIVE in snow.  Vacationing is one thing, now I know what it might be like to live in the snow!  Wow, it’s A LOT of work!!!!

It was very difficult for me to choose the “best” photos to describe our trip.  Morgan and Emma loved sledding and making snow people together.  Matthew was content to be on his own.  He was quite the adventurous one who sled down his own slopes and paved his own path!  Ethan learned to eat snow and say, “Wheeeee!!!” whenever we got on the sled.  I learned that snow is quite deceiving.  (I fell in some snow thinking it was only a few “inches” deep!  Goes to show you that even if it looks flat, it just might not be shallow.)  Here are the highlights:




We hope to make this a yearly tradition.  The boys played well together — put two boys together with some vehicles and you’ve got an immediate friendship!  🙂  The girls played with their princesses, made some crafts, and had their first sleep over… does it count that we were there but in separate rooms?  They never once woke up in the middle of the night to get us!  I consider that a sleep over.  The babies… well, I think Matthew was fine with Ethan.  It was Ethan that whined every time Matthew came near him or stared at him!  I think our little one (Quach #3) needs more play time with other children his age!

Our girls —  just plain silly!


Nicole is thinking, “How did I get stuck on this??”  The girls don’t seem to care, they are having a blast!


Vince, the official photographer was finally caught having some fun too!


Yes, even I caught a few slopes down!


Todd was going for the record here — how many children can he haul down the hill?  Just missing 2! Not bad!


Dorrington, see you next year!



  1. Looks like so much fun! Watch out, or you’ll have stowaways. Better yet, rent a bigger cabin and we’ll join you. 😉

    • It was SO much fun! No need to stowaway… we would love to have you join us next time! We will look into a larger cabin.

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