Posted by: thequaches | February 24, 2009

Morgan’s ATC

I entered Morgan in the Artist Trading Cards.  An artist trading card (or ATC for short) is a tiny, original piece of art created with the intention of swapping or trading it with another artist, not selling it.  Artist trading cards can be made in any medium and using any technique, whether it’s painting, drawing, or collage. You are really limited only by your imagination and materials.

She was sent 5 names of 5 girls to create an artwork for which needs to fit a 2.5″ X 3.5″ card.  Since she can use a variety of medium to create these cards, I thought it would be a good time to introduce her to oil pastels.  She did really well using them!  She was given 3 girls’ names from the US.  The other two were outside of the US, one from  Canada, the other from the UK.  We took out her globe and pointed out where the other girls lived.  Once she knew where the girls lived, she set out to create her best artwork for them.  I took photos of  3 of the 5 cards. We then used red envelopes to put the cards in — they seemed to fit pretty well and fitting from an Asian girl.  🙂  She then decorated the outside envelopes with her favorite princess stickers.  She had fun — now we are waiting anxiously for her cards to arrive from the other artists! She received one already from the UK.  It’s a cute picture of a fish in a bowl.








  1. Please tell Miss Morgan that the cards are beautiful! I look forward to having Annapurna participate, since Kenyon is not interested.

    What fun!

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